The ISTA Intensive Trainings

The ISTA Trainings are the profound journey of this mystery school. It is your opportunity to jump into a potent and transformational process and join a global community of people that had been empowered by this path. You can find below the next trainings to be held in Israel.
ISTA Aims to help people claim back their power by meeting their own fear, shame, guilt and trauma around sexuality, power, and emotions. This is a unique journey, diving deep into the source of our life force, clearing the shit out of there and learning new tools of an integrated culture.


Dates - 11-18 October 2019
Lead Faculty - Dawn Cherie

Co-Faculty- Eugene Hedlund & Sean O'Faolain
Venue -  Beit Oren Hotel 

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Or call +972-527277080

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Dates - 20-26 October 2019
Lead Faculty - Ohad Pele Ezrahi

Co-Faculty- Dawn Cherie
Co-Faculty - Eugene Hedlund
Venue -  Beit Oren Hotel 

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Dates - 5-13 November 2019
Lead Faculty - Triambika Ma Vive 

Co-Faculty- Raffaello Manacorda
Co-Faculty - Buddhi Dana
Venue -  Beit Oren Hotel 

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Or call +972-52727-7080


תאריכים - 1-7 לינואר 2019

יוביל את הסמינר - אוהד אזרחי

 יחד עם - שחר כספי 

ועם אמבר רא

הסמינר ייתרחש במצוקי דרגות

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או התקשרו 052-727-7080


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