Postponed to the summer of 2021 - more updates will be announced soon.


About the Festival

We are thrilled to invite you to the first international ISTA Festival to be happening in Germany.
After successfully creating this festival in Israel for seven years, we feel ripe and excited to expand this creation into Europe, hoping to spread the work futher and open many more hearts, bodies and minds.

Come and join us for a 5 days journey, led by a team of highly experienced and international faculty from all over the globe.
A long weekend of workshops, lectures, parties, live music shows, temples and meaningful community experiences.
Come to celebrate, explore, learn, grow, laugh and cry. Come to remember…
The festival is open for anyone and everyone interested in conscious se-xuality, beginners and experienced alike.

This potent cultural experience will take place only 1.5h from Berlin in Helenesee, in the middle of the forest and just next to a pure water lake.

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What is ISTA?

ISTA stands for the International School of Temple Arts, an international mystery school that is reviving the temple arts and offering spiritual transmission through se-xual shamanism. All around the world, ISTA offers 1-week seminars, conferences, and festivals connecting consciousness and sexuality and creating a global network of communities.

What is Wild Love?

Wild Love is a global movement that celebrates the shameless emergence of a culture that embodies love and freedom. The world soul is moving, and we appear to be in the middle of a significant change in civilization. Wild love expresses a ‘third way’ beyond the duality of status quo control and/or revolution. It stands for the inherent freedom of the human spirit and the universal nature of love. It is a movement made up out of many individual acts of wild love that synergize together to make visible the powerful wave that is sweeping the world.

"There is a wild love that will not satisfy you but destroy you
there is a wild love that will not bring you contentment but tear you open from the inside to reveal nothing less than the fiery face of the universe" - Bruce Lyon

The Festival Spaces


The Festival Program

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Presenters and Artists


General Information

Helenesee, Germany | 1.5 hours from Berlin


Camping at the festival site with your own gear is included in the ticket - There are toilets and hot showers accessible at the site.
You can bring an RV to the campsite if you like.


⫷ Glamping & Rooms ⫸
For those of you wishing to stay at the festival with extra comfort, we have glamping and room options to offer you.
Glamping [Luxurious tents] will be at the festival's campground.
There are a few room options available at Helensee, all within walking distance from the festival.
Click here for more info. 



Free Parking is available. 

Info regarding public transport and ride shares will be available soon.


The use of phones and cameras is strictly forbidden in all public areas! It is allowed in the private areas and outside the festival. Please support everyone to express themselves freely.
There will be a few professional photographers on behalf of the festival. If you do not wish to appear in any of the photos / Videos of the festival - Go to the info center during the festival and they will take care of it. 

It is forbidden to bring pets to the festival. Find the Wild Animal within yourself.


The kitchen will sell three vegetarian meals a day and some optional snacks in between. There will be plenty of options for vegans.


This is an alcohol and drug-free event, we invite you to come and explore using purely the medicines of our being, generated by breath, movement, sound, eros and emotional work. This is in order to ensure a safer space for us all to experience this journey. Anyone under the obvious influence of drugs and alcohol can be asked to leave the festival.



Would you like to volunteer and be part of the festival team?  Apply here  



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